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The Mask The protector of Life July 27, 2021

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Having seen too many deaths it’s really high time now to wear mask irrespective of vaccination. The world has seen and still seeing it how the virus is mutating and causing even more severe damage to human body. I have been watching and hearing news media how some people are so negligent. They don’t realize the value of life.

Talking to people is not enough, they should be getting the reality check. Going forward Government should mandate the masks to be worn on in all indoors. Most of the people like me who are very sensitive to wear mask should be given priority to go first like senior citizens to avoid excess exposure to a large crowd. Since I have lot of sensory issues I don’t go inside the store to shop, I just go for a ride around the city.

Going forward mask is going to be a part of our life until the entire world come together in eradicating the pandemic. 

Protect your life and save other’s by wearing mask.

Rohit Dixit


How do you feel about COVID-19 July 22, 2020

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I feel very hard to cope with it. But always hope that better days are on the horizon.

Learned a lot about this infectious disease. It spreads like a wild fire, but there is no powerful fire extinguisher to control it yet, it’s very frustrating. Scientist and doctors are working hard with the help of technology to find a powerful remedy to eradicate the virus.

On the other hand you always learn something good from any worst situation.
It taught me to maintain good hygiene. I am now more aware and conscious to keep my distance away from other people to be safe in public. I help mom with chores – making rotis, emptying the dishwashers, laundry, and vacuuming. For entertainment I watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, also my favorite cartoons on TV, and finally to keep myself fit I go for a long walk.
I am thankful to God that my mom and dad are always with me to keep me safe and happy, also it keeps my sprits high when I see all the happy faces of my program friends and teachers on zoom everyday. I am optimistic that pretty soon we all will be free from this pandemic.


Leading People on the Right Path February 25, 2020

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People say leadership is one of the most influential qualities to build a powerful nation. One good example is our great leader Mahatma Gandh who Is popularly known as Bapu. Over the years many such leaders have come and are still contributing to the wellness of the society. To establish a powerful nation we need leaders who can lead as well as contribute to the mankind.
People around us can be motivators or leaders but a true leader is always one who prevails as the best visionary to bring the best out of the society. One such leader is Nelson Mandela, he sacrificed his life to end apartheid and emancipation of his people. He spent most of his life in prison unhindered by the challenges posed by his ruthless regime. His hard work contributed to the freedom for South Africans.
Leadership is not always positive, over the years I have come across many leaders who have had negative influences that had lead to the downfall of the nation. One such leader is Pol Pot of Cambodia, notorious for genocide of his own people to his personal political gains. Negativity in leadership can have adverse effects on the people and society and we all need to be wary of such leaders. 
In order to influence others or a nation one should have the patience, persistence and perseverance. A good leader always have a vision and wants wellness to the society. He is able to give personal attention to reach the goals that he has envisioned. Being diplomatic is one of the characteristic of a true leader. 
A multiple disability person can be a good leader as well and set an example of how to lead and survive. One such person is Helen Keller. She, despite being deaf and blind showed the world how to be a leader and role model. She faced many challenges and and had the courage to face them. I was really impressed by her accomplishments and it served as an inspiration for my own autobiography. I am happy to say my autobiography was included for a book ‘The Leaders Around Me’ which was published last fall by Edlyn V. Pena. I am hoping this new book will inspire my fellow friends to voice their opinion on different issues they go through in their day to day life. 
Good Leaders come and go but they leave behind an essence that leaves a lasting impression. One should follow and try to be role models for the betterment of the society. My message to my friends is ‘never give up on your dream to be a leader’.



Grow to Inspire March 15, 2019

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In so many years I have come across many people who have inspired me and this has polished my career and is a strong force for me to encourage the next generation.  People have potentials but it takes lot of effort to realize their dreams.  I am one of them who has benefited from the inspiration received; on that thought I would like to say that inspiring someone is like having a load of huge motherly responsibility.  Inspiration comes from Latin word i.e. inflame or to blow into, when you inspire as if you are blowing air over low flame to grow. 

 I have come across so many people who have inspired me, like my high school teacher Miss. Stevens, my aides and few of my therapists.  All of them have guided me through right channels and this had an immense effect on me. I have to add my maternal uncle Guru and aunt Megha  were also a big source of inspiration.  Parents of Jeena SoCal are always there to encourage me and of course my friends with whom I always had fun.  I will be a remiss if I don’t add the contribution of my parents who have supported nourished and encouraged me to achieve my goals. A good surrounding can also be a beautiful inspiration.

Over the years I have devoted good time to be a writer. I still have a long way to achieve my dream goal. I have seen on TV so many journalists and reporters like David Muir and George Stephanopolous.  David started as small time reporter on ABC network, today he is the most famous world news anchor.  I take the inspiration from folks like David and I did get little break in opportunities to show my talent. I have been a regular contributor to our own Jeena publication and also have written in other publications like our Kannada cultural magazine and local autism chapter publications.  Inspiring others is a daunting task but we all need to do it.  Founding fathers of our country inspired future generations to be more productive than competitive.  I am going to follow the same motto of our founding fathers.  Overall I am feeling the future generation is going to be more intelligent, enthusiastic and inspiring.   

Rohit Dixit


The Road Less Travelled February 2, 2018

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The road less travelled is the road with many Hurdles.

On this journey of living with autism the road has no end to it.
I feel there is lot to accomplish. One road leads to another; out of which I think there is a road that leads to some destination. But I am wrong.

Over the years I have seen people with disability are trying to get recognition for their accomplishments. Few have succeeded but many have to travel a long way to reach their goals. I am one of those person who is still struggling to get through many hurdles on the way. I have been working hard to bring myself to reach the goal of becoming a journalist. Oh boy! It’s not an easy road for me. On this journey I am going through lot of difficulties to get through my days. It’s not the work that is hard, but it’s my mind and body disconnection. I am working my level best to overcome this disability. Over time I feel I can overcome my weakness to reach my destination on the road I have chosen.

I started this fun ride with lot of support from my parents, teachers, aides and therapists. Yet there is lot to learn through the road of life. There is so much to accomplish. To me it’s hard to do my day-to-day work yet I am determined to do my work. I am so thrilled to be part of this lovely society that God has gifted to all mankind. Oh boy what a journey it is, the road less traveled is the road of my accomplishments.

Going forward I need to gear up for my new achievements. So much stress to my parents to get me to reach my little goals. Yet it is my journey; with their help I will eventually reach my dream destination.

Rohit Dixit


Hospitals in Bangalore – A healing places or crude business establishments October 2, 2017

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Once I heard it’s a large establishment I thought it was a good facility. But it was loaded with harsh and rude nurses and expenses. I think people are innocent victims.

Hospitals are so crowded it makes me feel overwhelming to handle the sound. People will be sneezing and coughing without covering their mouth. One thing for sure I have gotten used to the hospital. Now I can handle any situation.

The very first image you get is one huge hi-fi building with very attractive interior design. I thought it was a five star hotel. I was surprised to how people are coming for treatment irrespective of the charges. One more thing I noticed is not enough nurses to take care of patients so early in the morning.

Overall the hospitals in Bangalore are non affordable for low income people; and Government hospital lack the quality of services that required to treat people properly. At the same there few hospitals which do provide good quality services.

In a nut shell hospitals should not discriminate based on patients financial situation. Over the period of time I hope the hospitals do improve the quality of services instead of treating it as shrewd business organizations.



Street Foods of Bangalore September 12, 2017

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Oh! The yummy smell that comes when you walk on the side path of the street; feels like you are in the food heaven. The aroma of spices are so intoxicating that makes anybody gobble a plate of food instantly.

Over the years I have been watching the food carts that makes different kind of food which are prepared without any hygiene or health safety issues of people in mind. Vendors cook food amidst traffic pollution and dust. Still people crave for that kind of food. Couple of weeks ago I had a kachori( Indian fried spicy snack) in a sweet store. It was a clean place and the kachori was very tasty. Still I had a stomach upset. I am surprised to see how in the world people eat that kind of food that is not good for their health. May be I guess it cost less. than what it is in the restaurant. Overall it’s people who make choices.

I suggest the street vendors should think on how to serve food in much healthier way, and at the same time they can also make profit. To me it is just people who are equally responsible to encourage such kind of business.



The awareness of autism through our voice April 1, 2017

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I have noticed these days having autism is no big thing. Today everybody knows about it. But at the same time I am not surprised there are some people who are ignorant to the fact that they think they are perfect. But I think nobody is perfect in this world. These kind of people are selfish. They think they can do anything without anybody’s help. But they are wrong. They are the one who needs most of the help to behave in a society where you encounter all kinds of people.

I wonder how the rest of the world is treating autism! I read an article from an Indian news paper, that children are not getting the help and services they require because of inadequate training and awareness. The world needs to know how important the awareness is. Awareness doesn’t just come from reading articles, books, films and other medias. One should experience by feeling the inner emotions of the persons who have autism and the people and parents who live with them to help in their day-to-day routine.

I am not saying that all people are that bad. There are people who are kind and wants to help. But they don’t try to understand or sense the deeper feeling of the special need person. I am so thankful to my parents for helping me find the right tool so that I can get my voice heard through typing.

Over the years I have been writing to tell that eventually it is our voice that can bring awareness into this world. It’s not just me there are many like me who are also working hard to get there voice heard through their writings.



My mother tongue – Kannada-The State language of Karnataka, India-The language of richness.

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I feel so proud to say that I am a kannadiga. Rajyostava day is the best reminder of what our leaders have done to bring the best out of our language. Over the years Kannada readers in my family including my parents have talked about the richness of Kannada literature. One of the writer who is my father’s favorite writer is S.L. Bhyrappa. He is one of the prominent writer who has written books on many social issues. One novel that has been made into serial is ‘Gruha Bhangha’. It tells the story of a women’s struggle of survival in ruthless society. On the same topic there are many popular writers, artists and poets who enriched the Kannada language and literature.

The first person who is responsible for uniting all of Kannada speaking regions into one state was none other than Aluru Venkata Rao, who is a dominant leader and a profound writer of Kannada literature. His famous book “Karnataka Gatha Vaibhava” – tells about the glorious history of Karanataka, and he also wrote “Nanna Jeevana Smrithigalu”.

Our renowned Rashtra Kavi K.V. Puttappa was instrumental to introduce Kannada as a medium of instruction and compulsory language in all educational institutions. Puttapa was not only a promoter of the language but also well known poet, writer, thinker, and above all social reformer. He was the first recipient of Jnanapettha award for Kannada literature. He was best the fatherly figure of Kannada language and is awarded the title “Rastra Kavi”.

In a way it is not just those pioneers of Kannada language, it is also our responsibility to keep up the golden heritage. I have noticed over the years, all Kannada speaking parents talk only in English than speaking in Kannada at home. Even though they send their children to Kannada learning class, I see children hardly using Kannada in their day to day life. I learned to understand Kannada fully only because my patents converse only in Kannada with me. Of course I cannot say verbally but I can spell everything in Kannada using English letters. Eventually I am going to learn the script to read and write.

I came to know about Girish Karnad, when I saw a movie “Ananda Bhairavi” where he was a dance teacher, oh boy what a versatile personality he is. He really touched the Kannada audience with his multifaceted talent. All-in-all this Jnanapettha Peetha award winner is the pioneer of modern age Kannada language.

These days I see Kannada Tv reporters using lot of Hindi words in their reports. They are murdering the language. I have to say they should be the promoters of Kannada language by reporting using only Kannada words.

I am thrilled that Kannada is my mother tongue and I will cherish all my life.



One Duck That is tantruming to be Elected October 8, 2016

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Oh! what an outrage election campaign! People are going furious.

They are saying immensely that the candidate is racist, no respect for opposite gender, and a Bully.

Over time I have been watching this duck, he is nothing but a damn fool. Having eaten Mexican food in his tower the duck is quacking and praising Latino community. But when it came to his crummy activity in his Trump university, the Judge gave decision against the duck and the duck said furiously “the Latino judge is biased against me”. People are just going crazy and support the duck no matter what the duck quacks about. I think the duck will be moving out soon from the political arena to be in his own den loosing all the good credentials and becoming a old duck quaking all day.

Finally! the duck got the nomination. People praised and supported when it spoke the promoted speech at the party convention. Oh boy! I thought we need prompts but this creature is worse than us. With all high qualification and successful business ( few bankruptcies) the animal lacks the decency to take a small criticism. All he wants is media attention and to be in the limelight. I feel so outraged, how people are so stupid to support this candidate. People should think twice before making any decision to elect such candidate who could be a threat to national security.

I am for her. No matter what allegation… the security is not threatened. She made just as stupid mistake, people are blaming her. She is the hope for better America. I love to see her in the Oval Office.
The duck has no common sense. It just quacks. People are just mesmerized by its look.