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One Duck That is tantruming to be Elected October 8, 2016

Filed under: Articles/ Views — Rohit Dixit @ 6:17 am

Oh! what an outrage election campaign! People are going furious.

They are saying immensely that the candidate is racist, no respect for opposite gender, and a Bully.

Over time I have been watching this duck, he is nothing but a damn fool. Having eaten Mexican food in his tower the duck is quacking and praising Latino community. But when it came to his crummy activity in his Trump university, the Judge gave decision against the duck and the duck said furiously “the Latino judge is biased against me”. People are just going crazy and support the duck no matter what the duck quacks about. I think the duck will be moving out soon from the political arena to be in his own den loosing all the good credentials and becoming a old duck quaking all day.

Finally! the duck got the nomination. People praised and supported when it spoke the promoted speech at the party convention. Oh boy! I thought we need prompts but this creature is worse than us. With all high qualification and successful business ( few bankruptcies) the animal lacks the decency to take a small criticism. All he wants is media attention and to be in the limelight. I feel so outraged, how people are so stupid to support this candidate. People should think twice before making any decision to elect such candidate who could be a threat to national security.

I am for her. No matter what allegation… the security is not threatened. She made just as stupid mistake, people are blaming her. She is the hope for better America. I love to see her in the Oval Office.
The duck has no common sense. It just quacks. People are just mesmerized by its look.