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Bangalore, the city of Gardens!.? February 25, 2014

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Located in southern state of Karnataka in India,  the city I  have seen since my childhood is very fascinating to me. I started thinking how people live in such a crowded polluted city, yet try to get some relief from the chaotic life. I am trying to understand why people call the city, ‘The city of Gardens’. One thing is for sure the city is very lively. I see more and more concrete sky scrapers every time I visit. The more the office buildings the more vehicles on the streets. I am so amazed how people live amidst of all these hustle and bustle.

I have seen few gardens here and there apart from Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park, which adds to the beauty of the city. Yet it still does not justify the name. During my recent visit to the city I noticed more trees have been cut to build and expand the new metro train. No wonder once the air conditioned city now feels like living in a boiling pan.

Bangalore has more national and multi national IT firms than rest of India. People are migrating from all over especially from other parts of the country,  because it is the Silicon Valley of India. More housing complex were built to accommodate the booming population degrading the environment and eroding the green space.  Despite all this the city is attracting more people including NRIs who have either quit there jobs or took a transfer. I cannot believe the government of Karnataka is giving a blind eye to this problem and has made little effort to add parks or solve the traffic congestion, contributing to more squalor and worsened air quality.

The political situation is compounding problems since people don’t follow rules and this adds further chaos and the problem is deteriorating everyday.  I visited a park on our way back from Savadatti  near river malaprabha in Belgaum district.  It was a serene place but the park was  not at all clean. Similarly there are some beautiful lakes in Bangalore too but the surrounding is filled with squalor.  There is beautiful lake in J.P. Nagar called Puttena Halli Kere.  I saw lots of weed and trash around the lake, If the city takes interests to clean the lake and changes the surrounding into a beautiful park it could be a serene relaxing place and it can be converted into a nice boating resort.

Even though efforts are being made to keep the city clean, the awareness is still not there yet. If people and government come together to keep clean and maintain more such parks, lakes including the city itself, Bangalore can live up to its title, ‘ The City of Gardens’.


Feeling of inner joy February 24, 2014

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Years ago I wasn’t even communicating. Mom and poppa tried all the methods on me to communicate. Once they found out a lady, Soma in an autism conference here in Pasadena, CA. Soma had come up with her own method of communication called RAPID PROMPTING METHOD. She started this method to help her own special need son.

I met her for the first time in her clinic in Burbank. Oh boy! What an amazing experience. I totally got excited when Soma tried this, I started communicating. I was six years old when this true yet still feels likes a dream. Today, I can type all my feelings,expressions on iPad the, amazing innovation by the Apple guy’ Steve Jobs.

With my parents love and support today I am on my journey to full fill my dream of becoming a journalist. One can achieve their goal if they have encouragement and support from their loved ones. Even Lord Krishna needed the help and support of Pandavas and their wife Draupadi to establish the righteousness in this world.

I feel the Happiness inside me when people understand and support me. Most of the fight within me helps to bring out feelings of tough challenges of surviving in this world. In my autistic world there is no fight or challenges it’s all happiness and peace. Most of daring challenge I conquer when I get the love and support of my parents, teachers, and therapist. I feel like celebrating when I succeed. In a way I do enjoy the little victory of my challenge by having dinner, especially my favorite, pizza and soda with my parents.

No matter what everyone has to struggle in order to survive in this big tough world. When you are a special need it’s even more tougher to survive. But with the love and support of your Parents and all who really cares one can live and thrive.  The world you live in becomes so much beautiful. Put all the effort you can to be a good human being in this big universe.

It was just few years ago when I first saw the Jeena (support group) annual cultural event, I felt how one can dance and sing to express their joyous moment to celebrate the love and support of each other. It just felt like being in heaven.

I was so excited to join Jeena. It made me realize what a difference one person can  make to bring happiness to so many people. Because of Jeena’s support  I am more confident to be a part of our community. Participating  in activities like yoga and Bhajan here in SoCal Jeena is very enlightening. I am getting more friendly with our group.

To be in this world everybody needs support and love.