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False Pride August 13, 2010

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There was a big hoarding. It had a picture of a donkey. One day there came a big animal show to that town where the hoarding was hanging. It was a circus show. One of the animal saw the hoarding. It was a horse. It thought how a donkey can find such a publicity. It is nothing but a stupid funny animal with short tail and long ears.

Then the horse entered the house of that donkey after inquiring some local animals. Then The horse said to donkey,  “you are so dumb. How can you be on the hoarding? I thought animal like me should be on the hoarding.  Funny stupid people have no sense”.

The donkey  said, ” tell me one thing horse, how come have you thought of yourself that you are a great animal. Just remember that I am a hard working animal. What all you do is walk around in the circus, and do some running. To me its dumb. You should be ashamed of your self pride”. To that horse got very shameful. He just went back to his circus group.

Moral: Never be self prejudice.