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THE BIG BEAR TRIP – JULY 4TH 2009: July 10, 2009

Filed under: Travelogues/Journals — Rohit Dixit @ 4:33 am

Our Trip to Big Bear was a fun trip. It was a very relaxing kind. I liked being in the jacuzzi and eating food was more like homely.

Adi was very playful. He was funny too. I liked Shiva’s Stimms. It was like me when I was little. Sunder was too polite to me. He was more stressed to hang around in the cottage. I can tell by his tantrums. I liked Alamu aunty Ravi Uncle and Chandra aunty Mutu uncle’s company. They were the most wonderful people.

The water board walk was too stressful for me. It was too crowded. I felt like I was in the sound tower. Trip to Petting Zoo was wonderful. I liked the rabbits. They were so cute. The goats were very friendly.

I liked the water slide. But I did not had the full courage to try it. I’ll try next time. There were more people in the lake. I did not like polluting a beautiful lake. They were polluting the water with petrol

I am very thankful to Mom and Poppa for taking me to this trip.