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Hollywood Should Get a Makeover November 3, 2014

Filed under: Articles/ Views — Rohit Dixit @ 3:59 pm

Oh! I have seen so many movies in times. It occurs to me that one thing I noticed is Hollywood is more influenced by indian cinema. Over the years I thought Indian pictures are more focused on love stories but there are similarities in the story narration.
It’s Really sad! I thought Hollywood has better quality to focus on current amazing stories like fighting the terrorism In Afghanistan.
One thing is for sure I am not convinced about getting good reviews for such movies. Movie makers should come up with a good script.
Hollywood can have more comedy with a touch of some good message instead of stupid story line.
In some cinemas young actors are seen holding guns fighting over for some silly grudge. It makes younger generation follow the same in real life too. One thing for sure Hollywood should focus on how to avoid these kind of situation in the script. People should get to see more on influential personalities, like the people who fought for freedom to free this country from British. Just to be honest I haven’t seen the best of Hollywood in current situation yet.