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How do you feel about COVID-19 July 22, 2020

Filed under: Articles/ Views — Rohit Dixit @ 12:15 am

I feel very hard to cope with it. But always hope that better days are on the horizon.

Learned a lot about this infectious disease. It spreads like a wild fire, but there is no powerful fire extinguisher to control it yet, it’s very frustrating. Scientist and doctors are working hard with the help of technology to find a powerful remedy to eradicate the virus.

On the other hand you always learn something good from any worst situation.
It taught me to maintain good hygiene. I am now more aware and conscious to keep my distance away from other people to be safe in public. I help mom with chores – making rotis, emptying the dishwashers, laundry, and vacuuming. For entertainment I watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, also my favorite cartoons on TV, and finally to keep myself fit I go for a long walk.
I am thankful to God that my mom and dad are always with me to keep me safe and happy, also it keeps my sprits high when I see all the happy faces of my program friends and teachers on zoom everyday. I am optimistic that pretty soon we all will be free from this pandemic.