Sinking into Popular Thoughts

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Around middle of the solar system there lived a Martian. He was a popular head among his people. His aim was to educate his people. He decided to visit Earth.

He airlifts himself and lands on Earth. He decides to arrive at aeronautic center at NASA. He meets all the people at the aeronautic center. He learns that Earth is getting more advanced overall in technology. In that meeting Martian learns that all people are so intelligent.

He decides to allow some of his people to learn about Earth and its people. He goes back to his place and tell his people to abolish among themselves inner hatred, and learn something very nice about Earth.

But his people are so against him. They ganged against him and ate him alive; so that nobody tells them to learn about other planet.

Know your fellow peoples’ mind and then have your opinion.


MAN’S TRUE QUEST October 19, 2009

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An young man started a large Moon exploring machine. He wanted to have history to remember him as a living example of scientific invention.

In the coming years the man had some popular inventions. One of them was an interesting, Moon having a Ice.

He landed on the Moon with the machine he invented. To his ability the man just got few ice in the deep hole. He starts taking pictures of the ice. He brings the quest to Earth. He reviews all the pictures, and tells everyone that Moon had water one time. Nobody Believes him.

He interestingly reviews his pictures to everybody. Still people did not believe him. The man overlooks, that the pictures he took is going to be nothing but a silly imagination.

Then one day the man looked at the Moon, his imagination is really in fact a real thing. He was finally recognized by the people. He was remembered for lot of years to come.