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Gear up to a fun ride when you are in India June 25, 2015

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Dedicated to the guy who invented the “auto rickshaw”.

The auto rickshaw ride is one Amazing thrill ride that I experience every time I visit the city, Bangalore in Southern part of India. Even now I still feel the sound ringing in my ears. The body of the rickshaw is funny it looks like a hand made toy. I liked the switch start better that the manual one. We rode the rickshaw many times, but this time it was really cool riding on bumpy roads in Bangalore.

Over the years I thought the rickshaws were only in India. But it is also present in other Asian countries, like China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It is also in African countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, and in European continent especially in Italy. Some of the middle eastern countries too have rickshaws. I applaud this man who came with the idea of building this unusual three wheeler automobile. He was an aircraft engineer from Italy, Corradino D ‘ Ascanio; he was also the inventor of ‘Vespa’ the motor scooter.

Rickshaws are the best form of transportation to go around the town. Riding in the rickshaw gave me the ability to tolerate the sound. Drivers who rode us around were usually nice. They new the directions perfectly. They didn’t use any maps or any other form of GPS. I thought of buying one and bring it here in US; but ‘who is going to run?!’ is the biggest question. I know it is not allowed in US. One thing is for sure I want to run this amazing automobile. I have become a big fan of this cute little invention. One must not miss the auto ride when you are in India.

On my journey back home to US I even had dream of purchasing the auto, and I am riding home in it. One day I am going to bring and ride on US streets.