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Life Happens With a Reason February 5, 2015

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One thing is for sure, that I am holding onto this body because life is happening. Oh boy! We are here for a purpose to stay live as life comes. I am in this body to be a grand old man with Autism and yet the life is very fun and sweet. It is for sure that life is full of struggle and accomplishments.

Lord Krishna of the Hindu epic Mahabharat says no matter what, everybody has to live in whatever kind of life they live in. They have to fulfill the karma of previous life deeds. I know that I am doing my best to fulfill this life’s struggle and achieve my goals.

In this world everything happens for a reason. People come and go, yet they have so much struggle and success in their lives. I do want to live and achieve my goals and dreams despite my autism. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but I have to accomplish them In order to fulfill the purpose of my life. I have so much regards for my parents I feel like to do something for them. One thing for sure I am on this planet to be part of this human race. I will lead a simple life just enough to cover my body, stomach and a shelter.

I am amazed to know how the cycle of life takes place. Not just humans but even plants and animals go through it. Life is happening everywhere. The utterly beautiful planet earth is full of life. Purpose of life is, God has created us in order to be here in this planet to have a wonderful, peaceful life. Our planet is houseful yet life happens every second.