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Street Foods of Bangalore September 12, 2017

Filed under: Articles/ Views — Rohit Dixit @ 8:00 pm

Oh! The yummy smell that comes when you walk on the side path of the street; feels like you are in the food heaven. The aroma of spices are so intoxicating that makes anybody gobble a plate of food instantly.

Over the years I have been watching the food carts that makes different kind of food which are prepared without any hygiene or health safety issues of people in mind. Vendors cook food amidst traffic pollution and dust. Still people crave for that kind of food. Couple of weeks ago I had a kachori( Indian fried spicy snack) in a sweet store. It was a clean place and the kachori was very tasty. Still I had a stomach upset. I am surprised to see how in the world people eat that kind of food that is not good for their health. May be I guess it cost less. than what it is in the restaurant. Overall it’s people who make choices.

I suggest the street vendors should think on how to serve food in much healthier way, and at the same time they can also make profit. To me it is just people who are equally responsible to encourage such kind of business.