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Giving  Ourself to Nature February 16, 2012

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Once there was a man who found a great serenity living in Alaska. He was like a true soul to sit in for a great meditation. He got into a place where he just can concentrate on his meditation. It was a beautiful place on the shore of the ocean. It sounded great for him to get to his ambition to meditate. He truly thought it was a great thing to do. But he soon realizes he had to attend a meeting in the city to straightened a horribly gone wrong fund raising charity event. He rushes back to the city to rearrange the whole event along with good sumeritans. He was surprised to see everything was going fine as planned before at the event. 
Lot of serene places are meant to be for relaxing rather than meditation. Man cannot focus on meditation if he is having too many thing in his mind. Man has to close his eyes and relax thinking nothing but nature.  
Inner peace just comes from being one with nature and God. 


Looking for a Peaceful World February 6, 2012

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God opened his eyes to see that all his creations are getting destroyed.  He sings a song to stop all the damages done by the people.  Even that did not help. After all other means to stop violence did not work; at some point he realized some power is needed to stop all violence.  He disguises as lost Gang Leader. He goes to a city where he sees all the gang members.  Then he introduces himself as a dangerous leader.  He tells them to be very attentive to any attacks, just then a terrorist attacks the gang and the gang members kill the terrorist and then they start following whatever the God says. 

When a member of that gang sees a light around their leader, he recognizes that he must be a divine soul.  Then that gang member personally talks to the leader, and then he finds out that God has come to give everybody the best peaceful life.  One of the gang members tells “it is too late”. Then god says “love is much stronger than any power, it brings hope and life.”

 Lot of gang members liked what God said. Then God left. The gang members were pleased with his preaching, and they stopped fighting.

I know this is just my imagination of bringing peace to the world. In reality it may not happen. But I always hope that there will be a better life for everybody.