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Hospitals in Bangalore – A healing places or crude business establishments October 2, 2017

Filed under: Articles/ Views — Rohit Dixit @ 8:08 pm

Once I heard it’s a large establishment I thought it was a good facility. But it was loaded with harsh and rude nurses and expenses. I think people are innocent victims.

Hospitals are so crowded it makes me feel overwhelming to handle the sound. People will be sneezing and coughing without covering their mouth. One thing for sure I have gotten used to the hospital. Now I can handle any situation.

The very first image you get is one huge hi-fi building with very attractive interior design. I thought it was a five star hotel. I was surprised to how people are coming for treatment irrespective of the charges. One more thing I noticed is not enough nurses to take care of patients so early in the morning.

Overall the hospitals in Bangalore are non affordable for low income people; and Government hospital lack the quality of services that required to treat people properly. At the same there few hospitals which do provide good quality services.

In a nut shell hospitals should not discriminate based on patients financial situation. Over the period of time I hope the hospitals do improve the quality of services instead of treating it as shrewd business organizations.