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Unrest in the Universe November 12, 2020

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Over the past few months the reality of Corona virus has become so out of control.  A owner of a small convenient store at a corner of a street is thinking ‘how in the world are we going to overcome this pandemic situation which has no cure so far”.   At that time a customer comes and asks for a medication to bring down fever that his son is suffering from.  The owner says “look man the medication partially help but you need to take him to the hospital”.  The customer says, I can’t afford that kind of money that hospitals charges.  I need to treat him with the limited source I have. With so much unrest the poor father  is so desperate to find a cure for his son. 

One day a lady shows up at his doorstep with basket of goodies and tells him “ keep your hopes up the good days are coming soon”. The father then pleads the lady to have cup of coffee. The lady says she has to deliver so many baskets to all those who are in need. The lady leaves thanking the father for his humble offer.

Like that lady a universe needs gentle soul who can bring positive hopes in this time of uncertainty and unrest.



Giving  Ourself to Nature February 16, 2012

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Once there was a man who found a great serenity living in Alaska. He was like a true soul to sit in for a great meditation. He got into a place where he just can concentrate on his meditation. It was a beautiful place on the shore of the ocean. It sounded great for him to get to his ambition to meditate. He truly thought it was a great thing to do. But he soon realizes he had to attend a meeting in the city to straightened a horribly gone wrong fund raising charity event. He rushes back to the city to rearrange the whole event along with good sumeritans. He was surprised to see everything was going fine as planned before at the event. 
Lot of serene places are meant to be for relaxing rather than meditation. Man cannot focus on meditation if he is having too many thing in his mind. Man has to close his eyes and relax thinking nothing but nature.  
Inner peace just comes from being one with nature and God. 


Looking for a Peaceful World February 6, 2012

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God opened his eyes to see that all his creations are getting destroyed.  He sings a song to stop all the damages done by the people.  Even that did not help. After all other means to stop violence did not work; at some point he realized some power is needed to stop all violence.  He disguises as lost Gang Leader. He goes to a city where he sees all the gang members.  Then he introduces himself as a dangerous leader.  He tells them to be very attentive to any attacks, just then a terrorist attacks the gang and the gang members kill the terrorist and then they start following whatever the God says. 

When a member of that gang sees a light around their leader, he recognizes that he must be a divine soul.  Then that gang member personally talks to the leader, and then he finds out that God has come to give everybody the best peaceful life.  One of the gang members tells “it is too late”. Then god says “love is much stronger than any power, it brings hope and life.”

 Lot of gang members liked what God said. Then God left. The gang members were pleased with his preaching, and they stopped fighting.

I know this is just my imagination of bringing peace to the world. In reality it may not happen. But I always hope that there will be a better life for everybody.




Time travel to the past – a love story November 7, 2011

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I was going to a new school and A strong wind storm arrived. Then I saw a horse waiting for me and I started riding the horse. Horse arrived at a monument in ancient tomb in Egypt. Once I got on land lot of animals funnily splashing water over the tomb. The Pharos of that place took me out in a horse driven carriage. I asked the king why the animals are splashing water on the tomb. The king said, the dead man was popular among the animals, he was a father figure to all animals. One fine day, the love for another figure started blossoming. I was that figure in a form of girl, I was astonished to hear that. I asked the king why they brought me in the past. He said you are the only one who can turn the dead man into an animal. I was not sure at first and then that king told me to say some truly loving songs so that he can be with his animals. I did whatever the king told me. The dead man was born as an animal. I was brought back to my present time by the same horse.

I time travelled this time to the past. Having such thing in reality would be really a fun thing.


My Story! September 25, 2010

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Rohit V. Dixit

My Life So Far

I was born on June 23, 1996 in the city of Portland, OR. I did spend some years in Portland. Papa got a new job in Los Angeles and we moved to LA. I was two years old then. Papa got further transferred to Austin, TX, so we moved to Austin.

I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 3 years old. In Austin we stayed for a year. In Austin I started reading little with the help of my mom and my teacher. Austin sounded just good to me and I deeply miss it. Papa got transferred back to LA and I started school in Santa Clarita area.

I was the lucky one to see Soma when we moved back to LA. Soma’s Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) helps me communicate and learn academically. It was because of Soma I am able to learn. Mom does the most of the teaching and communication. Papa does most of Gym Training. I am doing my job the best as I could in school and at home.

In Santa Clarita I used to spell for my teacher and to my aide. It took a while for me to spell for them. I was so happy to have good teachers in Santa Clarita. Then we bought a house in La Verne, I joined Lone Hill Middle School. The school was kind of good and was really happy to graduate from Middle School. After that I joined San Dimas High School. I am beginning to adjust to my new school. I am so happy to have Adrian as my aide. Ms Stevens, my teacher is good, and happy to have a good teacher again. Even though I don’t respond to my teacher, it takes a little time to spell for her.

I am blessed to have lovely parents who really takes care of me and keeps me happy all the time.


False Pride August 13, 2010

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There was a big hoarding. It had a picture of a donkey. One day there came a big animal show to that town where the hoarding was hanging. It was a circus show. One of the animal saw the hoarding. It was a horse. It thought how a donkey can find such a publicity. It is nothing but a stupid funny animal with short tail and long ears.

Then the horse entered the house of that donkey after inquiring some local animals. Then The horse said to donkey,  “you are so dumb. How can you be on the hoarding? I thought animal like me should be on the hoarding.  Funny stupid people have no sense”.

The donkey  said, ” tell me one thing horse, how come have you thought of yourself that you are a great animal. Just remember that I am a hard working animal. What all you do is walk around in the circus, and do some running. To me its dumb. You should be ashamed of your self pride”. To that horse got very shameful. He just went back to his circus group.

Moral: Never be self prejudice.


Dish of a amateur cook July 17, 2010

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There lived a man. He was a cook in a restaurant.  One day he was doing some preparation for some party. He repeatedly put more hot peppers on a dish – Spinach Ravioli. The spicy dish was put in a serving plate.

Ravioli turned out to be a hot tasty dish. Everybody at the party filled their stomach with the dish. People said good things about the dish.  Finally the head cook said that the dish was accidentally got tasty.  Then everybody at the party  said that amateur cook was a good cook.

Finally the amateur cook said that his dish has to be named after him as Ravioli Albert.

Ravioli Albert finally opened his own restaurant; in which he prepared lots of spicy Italian dishes.

He won a food preparer award for his creation.


Ghostly Encounters April 21, 2010

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Once there lived a lady. Over all she had a good life. Then there was a landslide due to heavy rain. She read the news paper that all her family got lost in the slide. She tried to contact her family but there was no answer. Then days passed the lady not only buried her hope of finding her family, also cannot find any news of her family.

One fine day she was watering her garden, she was surprised to see her only father. But her father did not recognized  her.  She asked him, “father how did you escape from the tragedy?”  He could not answer her question. He just sort of walked away. The the lady followed him to see where he is going? To her sadness her father fell down on the road., then looked at her and told her that he got killed in the landslide. To her amusement her father  disappeared in front of her. She had more similar encounters.

The lady just could not figure it out why the encounters of ghosts is happening to her only.  Until one day she notices that nobody is talking to her. She tries to talk but nobody responds. She tries to touch others but there was no feeling.

One day she reads the news paper and finds out that the family  which got killed in the landslide is her’s,  including her. Then she realizes that she is also a ghost.


The Goat Story January 5, 2010

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There once lived a jolly Goat. It had one leg. One day Goat kindly asked an owl not to make fun of him. The owl did not listen. One day  the Owl not only started teasing the goat, it started throwing stones at the Goat. The Goat looked at the Owl and said ” stop! throwing stones at me”. The Owl did not stop. The Goat did something. He hid in the bushes. He made a ball out of bushes and started throwing at the Owl. The Owl was injured. It’s leg got hurt, and the Owl learned the lesson.

Moral: – Not to hurt someone just because their leg is lost.



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Around middle of the solar system there lived a Martian. He was a popular head among his people. His aim was to educate his people. He decided to visit Earth.

He airlifts himself and lands on Earth. He decides to arrive at aeronautic center at NASA. He meets all the people at the aeronautic center. He learns that Earth is getting more advanced overall in technology. In that meeting Martian learns that all people are so intelligent.

He decides to allow some of his people to learn about Earth and its people. He goes back to his place and tell his people to abolish among themselves inner hatred, and learn something very nice about Earth.

But his people are so against him. They ganged against him and ate him alive; so that nobody tells them to learn about other planet.

Know your fellow peoples’ mind and then have your opinion.