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Fury of Mother Nature. January 21, 2013

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One fine day in October 2012, I heard it in the news that a hurricane has hit Northeast USA and it is one of the worst in many years. Worst hit states were in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. I was so saddened to see all the damages especially people with little babies and elderly people.

One thing is for sure that nature is not happy with human intervention. I am sure nature is taking its revenge in its own way. This is the most alarming sign of global warming. I am sure there is still time for improve human intervention. One of the most important thing is to stop cutting trees and building concrete structures which traps heat and raises ocean temperature, one more is to use more of cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

I also learned that there is a melting of Arctic summer ice, which traps the summer heat. If that is disappearing then there is going to be more heat affecting the entire world; especially if the Greenland ice gets melted, then there will be a raise in sea level. When sea level raise more land will go under water. If this is not taken to be serious then there is going to be more natural disasters in future.

Over the time man has done so much damage, now it’s taking the toll.
I am sure if more awareness is created there is still chance to save our earth. To be honest I want this planet to be more enjoyable.